Dear visitor, welcome to our vocational school!

We are located in Bottrop, a city in the central-west of Germany and the northern part of the Ruhr industrial area. Bottrop was once an urban area of steel and coal and mining and has now been transformed to an ecologically model city in the greater Ruhr area. Bottrop stands for progressiveness and innovation which has also become an integral part of our school´s self image. 
About 2100 students with a multicultural background are enrolled and taught with respect, dedication and enthusiasm by our 120 teachers. Our goal is to provide our students with high quality academic and vocational training courses to enhance their qualifications, skills and employability within a school environment of trust and open-mindedness. 
We offer school qualifications from a basic certificate of secondary education (CSE) to an advanced general qualification for university (A-levels) in all vocational fields such as:


business & administration

health and social care

hygiene and gastronomy

vocational skills programme.

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You can attend our school either on a full-time basis to continue your higher education, or combine work with classes. We offer a variety of training in the commercial and technical fields. 
As we are located in the centre of Europe, it is very important for us to provide our students with an understanding for Europe. We offer English, French, Spanish and Dutch language courses and give our students the opportunity to do internships in all European countries. We also offer language exchanges with our partner schools in Spain and the Netherlands. 
Our annual soccer tournament is well known beyond the city limits and projects such as the girl´s day, the students´ radio shows and theatre performances play an important part in our school life. 
No matter which way you choose – you can be sure when you leave our school you will be highly qualified for your professional career.